Meet Karen & Leonard Oseland (Mom & Dad).

They had a typical L-Shape closet that was cluttered and poorly designed.

Having clothes that had not been worn for several years and inaccessible storage made it impossible to know what they had.

Leonard – “All I now is I have too much stuff and nothing that fits.” “She can’t find what she wants so she just buys more of the same things.”

Karen – “I have more shoes??” “Now I can see all of my pants.”

We all had a lot of good laughs during this project. It was a lot of work but the rewards are great and the closets looked like they did when we first completed it.

This is a common situation for many people. Buying what we already have because we can’t find it. How much time and money have you spent looking for items and shopping to replace what you know you have SOMEWHERE?

Start your KonMari™ organization with a new closet for the new year.

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